Search engine optimized, promotionally effective advertising copy for your website.

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Q-ERGO - Internetagentur für Webdesign, Webseiten und Webshops erfolgreiche und seriöse Suchmaschinenoptimierung. Mit unseren Texten verbessern Sie Ihre Google Platzierung.

Die Internetagentur. Unsere Werbetexter erstellen Werbetexte für Ihren Internetauftritt, werbewirksam und suchmaschinenoptimiert. Suchmaschinenoptimierung, Webdesign und SEO-Beratung

Search engine optimized advertising copy with advertising effect

Our advertising copywriters are trained to create search engine optimized advertising copy. They convert your raw texts into suitable texts for search engines with the necessary emotional or argumentative persuasiveness.

Why we only employ experienced web advertising copywriters with know-how in search engine optimization for the creation of web advertising copy.

For the creation of advertising copy with an ideal search engine optimization, more than 20 elements have to be considered. They can not only be found in the visible page content. In average, a website with a good optimization contains as many texts outside of the main content as inside of it. Regarding the invisible texts, one has to pay attention to good readability and advertising effect. Consequently they are often shown on Google and should attract searchers to your site.

Elements outside the main sector are URL, title tag, description, keywords, comment tags, IMG-ALT, link texts in mouseover etc. In the main sector there are links, headlines and the continuous text. The effort to create the first group is comparable with the effort to create the main elements.

As the most important search keywords represent in a certain number an optimum for Google, these search keywords have to appear in the main content in the same number. Hereby a promotionally effective text work is made more difficult. When both competitive requirements have to be realised, (promotionally effective text, search engine optimized text) an expert has to be consulted to reach a satisfying result with a manageable expenditure of time.


Q-ERGO advertising copywriter for promotionally effective advertising copy with search engine optimized content.
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Die Internetagentur für SEO-Werbetexte. Wir erstellen Werbetexte mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung für Webseiten, Webshops und Internetportale. Mit Hilfe unseres SEO Service verbessern Sie Ihre Google Platzierung.