Viral marketing - efficiently gaining customers with guerilla marketing.

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Virales Marketing und Guerilla Marketing - Onlinemarketing / Internetmarketing.

Viral marketing – guerilla marketing

Viral marketing and guerilla marketing reasonably priced and efficient.

Good viral campaigns can reach extreme effectiveness by minimal costs in the publication of companies. One has to be careful that the campaign makes identification possible for the customer, that it is likeable, has a performance reference and is easy to remember at the same time.

If these factors are not respected, many campaigns lose value and can, in case of doubt, be harmful for the company. Concerning our generated campaigns, we ensure the absence of these negative effects. Target group surveys and field tests will be prefixed to the actual campaign so that your campaign becomes a success.

Please approach us personally about our campaigns. Many of our created campaigns are still in preparation and are therefore not allowed to be published.

Viral marketing, guerilla marketing, online marketing with the internet agency Q-ERGO.
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