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Webdesign, Programmierung, Produktkonfigurator, Berechnungstool, ERP-Anbindung, Suchmaschinenoptimierung, Katalog,

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Kunde der Internetagentur - BAC AG


BRANCH: Luxury item
TASK: After the takeover of an insolvent business, the company should turn into a market leader. The whole corporate presence should therefore fulfil the expected image of a market leader.


800% more page access, 400% more requests. All objectives have been achieved. Meanwhile the company is market leader. Among all relevant search keywords, the website is on the 5th position. The design invites visitors to stay 50% longer on the page.


The Corporate Design has been newly developed. The image, from catalogues to online presence has been, renewed. Moreover, the website should be on a top ten position on Google with the relevant search keywords after the conclusion of the project. Within the frame of the creation of the new web presence further tools have been developed:

An energy calculation program that considers all relevant ambient conditions in connection with the chosen technology. At the same time it calculates THE potential for savings of a new covering.

The product configurator that makes a price calculation possible and that receives data updates from the ERP system automatically by tunnelled services.

Web design


Product configurator

Calculation tool

ERP connection

Search engine optimization

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Online-Shop-Erstellung, Onlinemarketing, AdWords-Kampagnen, Broschüren, Beratung