E-mail marketing with Q-ERGO. Create attractive newsletters that will surely be delivered

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Wir realisieren lesenswerte Newsletter so, dass sie mit Bildern ankommen und nicht von den meisten Spamfiltern abgefangen werden.


E-mail marketing and newsletter = spam?

This need not be the case. There are desirable, worth reading and successful newsletters. Therefore, a range of conditions has to be fulfilled. Besides legal regulations that guarantee the organisation’s admissibility and the formal regulations, there is one thing important:

The newsletter has to be personal, individual, short and easy to understand. Furthermore, there are another 28 factors that make an e-mail campaign successful or will lead to failure if they are not considered.

On average, customers need two seconds to decide whether they want to read a newsletter or not. The most important thing is therefore that customers read the most important information immediately. Safe newsletters are aesthetic and arrive reliable. The transfer occurs promptly with picture. Consequently, the customer can see whether the sender is wanted or not. The design will be realised and checked so that your newsletter doesn’t stick in the spam box.

Come to Q-ERGO and let us advice you how newsletters can become your sales machine.


E-mail marketing and newsletter. Integral online marketing with the internet agency Q-ERGO.
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