Q-ERGO – Agency for web design, SEO consultation and successful and reliable search engine optimization for websites, web shops and internet portals.

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SEO Beratung auch für CMS Anwender unter Typo3, Joomla, Magento, XT-Commerce. Mit unserer Suchmaschinenoptimierung verbessern Sie Ihre Google Platzierung.


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Die SEO Agentur Suchmaschinenoptimierung, Webdesign und SEO Beratung

SEo consultation and search engine optimization

After the creation of your new web presence three essential factors have to be available besides a very good web design to reach elevated aims:

Factor 1 we regard as primary topic for our web designers and usability experts.

Factor 2 has to be worked out together in the ideal case. Here, your wishes, objectives and possibilities as well as our experience and the collective creativity will be included.

Factor 3 (search engine optimization) cannot be realised successfully without sufficient information for the responsible employees. To make sure your project is going to be a success you receive an individual SEO consultation that fits to your situation. Then you and your employees can prepare yourself quick and easy.


  • Consultation concerning the selection of the most successful search keywords with regard to the general search behaviour and search keyword valorisation in your competition
  • Consultation to receive the cheapest and most successful search engine optimization
  • Information how the web design can support the optimization for search engines
  • Analysis of the parameters for the use of search keywords in on-site search engine optimization and consultation for the right usage
  • Support and SEO consultation of elements regarding content by considering a successful advertising effect
  • SEO consultation for technical and general external factors and how these can be influenced
  • Consultation for the classical external search engine optimization and how this can be provided in your company
  • Consultation on selection and usage of appropriated tools to be able to carry out a search engine optimization on your own

If required, we bring you on the same level of knowledge like it is common in successful and reliable search engine optimization agencies.

Q-ERGO SEO consultation – We advise our customers on web design projects concerning search engine optimization.
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SEO Agentur, Webdesign - Suchmaschinenoptimierung für Webseiten, Webshops und Internetportale. Mit Hilfe unserer SEO Beratung verbessern Sie Ihre Google Platzierung.